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Biscuits and Such is a Southern food blog based out of a historic home in Wilmington, North Carolina. After attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore my husband and I stayed close to MICA, first in Takoma Park and later back in Baltimore. Baltimore treated us wonderfully for many years, but in 2012 we decided we were ready to be back in the South, so here we are. The sea breeze suits us.

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I am the author, Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr.  My middle name is important to me.  I grew up in Durham, North Carolina, which is an amazing place that continues to make me proud. I met my husband, Dan Hoerr, in college.  His (our) last name is pronounced “her.”  Our family also includes two adorable hound mixes, Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee Frye) and River (Tam). Their names suit them.


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What you’re likely to find here is a mixture of old and new, traditional and modern.  But all Southern. I write most of my own recipes, but occasionally share great sourced recipes. For the most part I do all the writing and photography and a lot of the upkeep.  Dan is an amazing husband who gives me all the assistance in the kitchen I could ask for and always holds me after I ruin a recipe.  He occasionally contributes recipes/photographs and guest blogs for us keeps offering to guest blog for us.  He is also the resident griller and brewer of beer.

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I decided to start this blog because I missed home, I missed Southern culture and cuisine.  I grew up watching my grandmother cook traditionally Southern recipes and her food and gracious, loving presence in my life got me through a lot of hard times. My passion for food is inherited from my parents and grandparents, but I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen for as long as I can remember.  This blog is the result of everything I love and care about.  I’m glad you’re here, we’re happy to have you.

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And while the focus of this blog, the reason we’re all here, is the food, you’ll end up getting a heavy dose of us.  The blog follows us week by week, milestone by hiccup.  Sometimes it’s good, often it’s a bit harried, and always I ramble.  I’m also very emotionally attached to the comma as a literary tool.  It’s the written form of a dramatic pause.  And because I’m my father’s child, I can’t help but to pause dramatically when I speak.  Or gesture wildly. I do try and keep my rambles mostly on the topic of southern food, which is why I started missELENAeous in 2012- a place where I discuss everything else (warning: it’s a lot of puppy pictures).

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All the photography on B&S is compliments of a very expensive photography degree, a DSLR , and obsessive practice.  Sometimes my iphone pitches in.  We have a pretty comprehensive FAQ page, but nonetheless feel free to email elena {at} biscuitsandsuch {dot} com with any questions/comments/recipe suggestions.  If you’ve had something nice to say about Biscuits and Such, or saw us somewhere around the intertubes recently, we’d love to hear about it.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, that’s fine too.  Just don’t tell me.

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Sweet Words & Press

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  • “Elena’s fist blog post was her grandmother’s country fried steak, and although the Wilmington, North Carolina resident’s photography has improved throughout the years, her recipes are still as mouth-watering as Granny’s table. With bonus images of her parties, her graden, and even her wedding, it’s easy to feel like you’re invited to dine with a friend.”  The Local Palate August/September 2013 issue
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