Culinary Life List

1. Learn to make North Carolina barbeque 2. Find a culinary idol 3. Write a cookbook 4. Publish a cookbook 5. Eat on each of the seven continents 6. Raise honey bees 7. Eat more pie 8. Have a vegetable & fruit garden 9. Grow all of our own vegetables 10. Eat seasonably 11. Raise chickens 12. Grow avocados. 13. Find the perfect barbeque sandwich 14. Thank Mrs. Amico for her cookies 15. Compost 16. Write my own recipes 17. Bake all my own bread 18. Keep a sourdough starter alive 19. Pass a sourdough starter on to my children 20. Scan all of my grandmother's recipes 21. Host a monthly dinner party 22. Convince everyone I know to say "pecan" the right way 23. Build a collection of photography props 24. Eat local cuisine in all 50 states 25. Plant a pomegranate tree 26. Frequent a butcher 27. Learn how to make a turkey that has moist meat and crunchy skin 28. Make my husband creme brulee 29. Perfect the art of mayonaisse 30. Try every kind of cheese 31. Learn how to make cheese 32. Learn how to make chocolate 33. Visit a coffee plantation 34. Amass a collection of professional kitchen tools 35. Create a kitchen that is also a studio 36. Make my kitchen the center of my home 37. Always have dessert on hand (and learn self control around dessert) 38. Make the perfect cup of coffee 39. Taste more in Scotch than burning 40. Take a scotch tour of Scotland with my husband 41. Learn how to deep fry a turkey 42. Create a collection of handmade recipe books that my children will fight over 43. Make more cakes, for Dan 44. Try and understand the appeal of all parts of the animal 45. Write more pie recipes 46. Make 100% of what I serve guests myself 47. Show people that creating food from scratch is easy, affordable, and fun 48. Learn to make puff pastry 49. Own farm land 50. Peel a pomegranate without popping a single seed 51. Learn how to make jerky 52. Learn how to clean and filet a fish 53. Learn how to slow roast a pork shoulder 54. Build a house with a wood burning stove 55. Build a kitchen with higher countertops 56. Perfect my knife skills 57. Learn how to make tortillas 58. Successfully process raw legumes 59. Spear a fish 60. Do a lobster dive 61. Take my husband deep sea fishing in North Carolina 62. Buy a vacuum sealer 65. Make rocky road ice cream 66. Find my pizelle iron and make pizelles 67. Take a successful camping trip and cook a firetop meal 68. Pass on my family food traditions 69. Learn Dan's family food traditions 70. Learn more about wine 71. Learn enough about wine to discuss it with my brother in law 72. Make the perfect pudding for banana pudding 73. Teach a cooking class 74. Make our own sausages 75. Find the perfect potholder 76. Join a local food group 77. Become a regular customer at a Farmer's Market 78. Open a pie shop/brewery with my husband 79. Call it "Pies & Pints" 80. Create less food waste 81. Learn to cook without cutting (or grating) myself 82. Cut an onion without crying 83. Finish my wine corkboard 84. Stop buying pre-cut vegetables 85. Learn more about mushrooms 86. Grow heirloom vegetables 87. Steam my own crabs 88. Eat 100% organically 89. Grow as a food photographer 90. Build a farm table for my kitchen 91. Sit down to dinner every night with my family 92. Preach the gospel of eating whole real food 93. Learn to like sauerkraut, for Dan's sake 94. Learn to like escarole, for my mom's sake 95.  Drink sangria in Spain 96. Convince people that "barbeque" is a noun 97. Convert Northerners one Bojangles biscuit at a time 98. Pickle my own okra 99. Eat well, every day 100. Feel passionately about food everyday, never stop loving and enjoying the eating experience