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Sunday Sausage

Sunday Sausage

chorizo 7 One of the many things I love about Dan is that he is a learner. He’s always on the hunt for a new hobby, a new skill, a new tool to add to his belt. It’s a personality trait that comes in handy in his line of work, but it’s also something that comes in handy at home. Quite a bit, actually. His years dabbling in construction make home improvement projects a breeze. Homebrewing has been a delicious venture and his most recent charcuterie kick is proving boundless in its benefits. Homemade bacon? Yes please! Chorizo? Do you even have to ask?! He’s planning on starting to smoke cheeses and it’s making me wonder- can I marry himĀ again?

chorizo 1

chorizo 2 Last month when Rachael and Alex were visiting he picked up a pork shoulder and tried his hand at Michael Ruhlman’s Mexican chorizo recipe. It was fantastic. I mean, everyone loves chorizo (how could you not) but this was all the more wonderful and delicious because we’d made it. Or, Dan and Alex made it and Rachael and I ate queso and encouraged them. We’re very supportive.

chorizo 3

chorizo 8

chorizo 4

Have y’all dabbled in charcuterie? I was so inspired by Mrs. Wheelbarrow duringĀ Charcutepalooza but we were too limited with our space to participate. Now that we have a big kitchen and a mudroom for curing and fermenting, we’re diving in feet first. Duck confit here we come!

chorizo 5

chorizo 6

Michael Rulhman’s Charcuterie

5 lbs boneless pork shoulder

3 tbsp kosher salt

2 tbsp ancho chili powder

1 tbsp paprika

1 tbsp cayenne pepper

1 tbsp garlic, minced

1 tsp fresh ground pepper

1 tbsp fresh oregano

1 tsp ground cumin

3 tbsp tequila, chilled

3 tbsp red wine vinegar, chilled

Cube your pork. Toss in spice mix. Chill until ready to grind. Run through meat grinder (we used the sausage making attachment for our Kitchen Aid) using the small die. Set on ice to chill. Add tequila and vinegar and mix until well incorporated with the paddle attachment.

Traditionally chorizo is served loose but because we were eager to use our stuffer we went a bit further and put it into casings. Using the sausage stuffer attachments and casings we picked up from the butcher Dan stuffed and portioned the chorizo into a four (ish) foot length. We then threw it on the grill in its entirety and served it up with hot sauce on fresh baguettes. It was heaven.

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  • Cathy

    20.05.2013 at 18:46 Reply

    Oh you two will have the best time! I love making all sorts of charcuterie and guests are always wow-ed. It must be nice to have room to stretch your wings.

  • foodnerd4life

    21.05.2013 at 01:33 Reply

    This looks incredible! I love the use of tequila in there. I must give it a go with my kitchenaid. Thanks!

    FoodNerd x

  • DessertForTwo

    21.05.2013 at 04:16 Reply

    I think your hubby should write a book called ‘The Inspired Husband!’ This sausage looks awesome!

    • elena

      21.05.2013 at 07:11 Reply

      Hah! That’s a great idea. I’ll pass it on!

  • Katie

    21.05.2013 at 09:06 Reply

    My boyfriend has a similar DIY bent. He’s most successful with bread, but after our recent trip to Italy he came back obsessed with charcuterie – I actually got him this book, as well as Salumi and a grinder, for his birthday last week! Now I just need to wait to try the first products…

    • elena

      21.05.2013 at 12:52 Reply

      I hope you love it as much as I do! We went on a long bread kick for a while but then decided it was not so good for our waistlines. A ton of homemade bread meant a ton of homemade bread binges!

      • Rosemary C

        29.05.2013 at 07:08 Reply

        I agree about bread! It is delicious but too easy to binge! Home made sausage now is another matter. It’s so much easier to stop eating when you’re full, with meat. I’d love to make my own sausage! Just need the grinder!

  • Penny

    25.05.2013 at 05:18 Reply

    Hi Elena. Coming to you from the mountains of NC. We love Wilmington. Also love your blog. If I let my husband see this post, I am sure he will be trying his hand at chorizo. We are making shrimp and grits for a crowd over Memorial Day.

    • elena

      27.05.2013 at 06:01 Reply

      Glad to hear it! Let me know how the shrimp and grits turn out, those are my favorite!

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