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Lovely Internet 8.22.14

1. 5 Myths of Cast Iron Cookware. 2. Mary Poppins is a man. 3. Why we don’t see our own typos. 4. PotatoStock. 5. Long live the butterbean. 6. Maybe we’re not the worst AFTER ALL! 7. Alton Brown, Southern icon. “It’s reflected in the fact that to be a Southerner suits everything that I […]

Lovely Internet 8.15.14

1. Shark Week is a lie. 2. The Aging Myth. 3. A farmer’s perspective on our obsession with small-scale farms. 4. I love this. 5. Honor their unicorn. 6. Encyclopedia of Southern Food. 7. “I am a white privileged lady not a car lol” 8. I don’t need any more water bottles (it’s a problem) but I […]

10/100: Blue Crab Stuffed Dolphin Fish

In the 1950′s the men of the Hillsborough Volunteer Fire Department decided to build a house in Morehead City, a getaway from the families where they could play cards and do whatever men in the 50′s did away from their families. Man stuff. Drinking brown liquor and smoking cigars like country versions of Mad Men […]