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Lovely Internet 9.12.14

1. I love my front porch. It’s my favorite place to sit, read, take business calls, drink a coffee (or a cocktail), and watch my neighborhood. Long live porch sitting! 2. This past winter I contributed 50 recipes to a DK project- The Meat Cookbook, which came out this month! 3. It takes a lot of […]

Lovely Internet 9.5.14

1. This 127 year old woman thanks chocolate for her long life. (Grammy, that’s great news! You’re on the right track!) 2. Queen Anne’s Lace, the Wild Mother of Carrot 3. Lady vikings! 4. I am tall, and the vast majority of my height is in my legs. So that means that a reclined seat […]

Shrimp Po’ Boys

In the spirit of Labor Day I am taking this weekend to do absolutely no work. That’s not true, actually, but I am doing significantly less work than I do on a normal weekend and I have spent the past two days at the beach, floating in the waves, working on my tan sunburn. It has been […]