Where to Find Us

I am most easily contacted by email at elena {at} biscuitsandsuch {dot} com.  If you’d like to mail us something via the living person mail system, just let me know and we can arrange something.  Unless it’s something we don’t want, like escarole.

Not to be outdone by my father, you can also find Biscuits & Such on most of the hip social networking sites.  Follow us on facebook, read our every 140 character thought on twitter, see our photos on instagram (@elenabrent) and follow us on bloglovin‘ to ensure you never miss a post..  We have instructional videos on Vimeo right now, and we’re resolving to make more in (insert year that I’ll actually do this here).  If you’re interested in asking us questions that may not appear on the FAQ page (or aren’t food related) you can email them to elena {at} biscuitsandsuch {dot} com.    Oh!  And if you’re browsing at the Library of Congress, we’re filed under ISSN #1948-1128!

In 2013 I wrote my first cookbookThe American Cookbook, which is available in local bookshops and on amazon in the US &  UK. I also contributed a number of recipes to The Meat Cookbook, and am working with DK and a literary agent on some new (exciting!) projects!

If you feel like shopping in support of B&S, browse my Amazon shop for the products I use everyday.

I keep a personal lifestyle blog for things unrelated to Southern food, called missELENAeous. The story behind the name is the first post on that site.

Outside of the food world, I also own a very small business, Pressed Magnolia Studio.  I make pictures.