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Lovely Internet 8.29.14

1. How to Be Polite. 2. I’ve never, not once, felt guilty about peeing in the ocean. Is that a thing that people feel guilt about?!? 3. Buzzfeed vs Southern Living on southernisms. 4. My dear friend Aaron started his own food blog this week, Feed the Pan. Check it out- his enthusiasm for food […]

Lovely Internet 8.22.14

1. 5 Myths of Cast Iron Cookware. 2. Mary Poppins is a man. 3. Why we don’t see our own typos. 4. PotatoStock. 5. Long live the butterbean. 6. Maybe we’re not the worst AFTER ALL! 7. Alton Brown, Southern icon. “It’s reflected in the fact that to be a Southerner suits everything that I […]

Lovely Internet 8.15.14

1. Shark Week is a lie. 2. The Aging Myth. 3. A farmer’s perspective on our obsession with small-scale farms. 4. I love this. 5. Honor their unicorn. 6. Encyclopedia of Southern Food. 7. “I am a white privileged lady not a car lol” 8. I don’t need any more water bottles (it’s a problem) but I […]