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Lovely Internet 11.21.14

1. Why Banksy is (Probably) a Woman 2. Woah, can you imagine? 3. “I mean come on. We made Michael Jordan AND Cheerwine, y’all.” Everyone in my family is getting one of these for Christmas. 4. I never thought I would be the person who married young, but it happened and I haven’t looked back since. […]

Cayenne Cider Punch

During my sojourn at the Atlanta Airport a few weeks ago I spent most of a day in One Flew South, enjoying pork belly and cocktails mixed by their master mixologist Tiffanie Barriere. My first drink was one that I immediately wanted to recreate at home- a Jumping Jack Flight, a mix of apple jack, sorghum, cider, […]


One of my favorite pastimes is the beerbeque- the age old tradition of drinking and eating copiously, a celebration of pork and hops and everything that is right in the world. I celebrated my 21st birthday in Baltimore with a beerbeque and every year since we’ve thrown a big party every fall, spreading the gospel […]