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Lovely Internet 4.18.14

1. Who else is craving a mint julep? 2. The truth about gentrification. 3. The oldest living things in the world. 4. Dan and I still quote this video constantly. And, 11 years later, STILL FUNNY. 5. This is a pretty powerful statement. 6. I had breakfast yesterday with Tracy and, much to my delight, […]

Pickled Fiddlehead Ferns

It’s Spring! Spring is here! This week was all 70 and 80 degree weather, bright sun, flowers, and sneezes. I’m in heaven. I’m also in San Francisco, but that’s beside the point. This week I hosted Book Club, which meant I fed a group of people that I haven’t cooked for before but who know […]

Lovely Internet 4.11.14

1. This looks delicious. 2. As someone who struggles (constantly) with work/life balance, this has a bit of an appeal. 3. Everything you don’t know about tipping. 4. I’m psyched we’ll be on West Coast time for this! 5. Honey Bread. 6. My incredibly talented friends Brit & Emily. 7. An argument for run-walking in […]

Grilled Ham

This morning my parents texted me to ask what our Easter plans were and my first and only thought was Easter? That’s next month. I have no idea. And then I realized that no, Easter is not next month. It is next week. And I had a panic attack. Where has the spring gone? Where have […]

Lovely Internet 4.4.14

1. I would like to be drinking this right now. 2. The importance of body language. 3. These sweet potato cakes. 4. I choose to believe he really feels otherwise. 5. Wisdom of a test kitchen. 6. The most recent issue of Paprika Southern is lovely. 7. How to cook eggs. 8. We’re in the midst […]

Fried Plantains

Last weekend I headed to sunny Georgia to surprise my dear friend Kellie at the opening of her first show in her new city of residence, Atlanta. Kellie, an incredible painter, has shown her work in galleries all over the world, from New York to Germany. And in the years since we graduated from MICA […]

Lovely Internet 3.14.14

1. Happy Pi(e) Day! Dive into our pie collection. 2. Speaking of pie, this one by the ever talented Emily looks fantastic. 3. Buttered eggs? Sold! 4. As someone who had her family planning choices publicly discussed by a group of 5 year olds (my favorite answer to the question “Why hasn’t Ms Elena had […]

Skillet Tarheel Pie

This weekend we headed north to celebrate my dear friend Charlotte’s upcoming wedding. Charlotte, lover of many foods other than wings but especially wings, was treated to a special food centric shower. Guests were encouraged to bring the couple a gift for the kitchen, and to fill it first with food for the party (actually […]

Lovely Internet 3.7.14

1. This is crazy! I couldn’t believe how quickly my brain adapted. 2. How to boil an egg. 3. A touching tribute to a man who has deeply impacted so many lives (including mine). 4. I started Bullet Journaling and so far I love it. 5. 17 Things You Learn From Growing Up in the South […]

Coffee, Banana, & Chocolate Smoothie

I’ve been subsisting mostly on smoothies lately, particularly this smoothie. Frozen bananas, almond milk, coffee ice cubes, and a tablespoon of hot chocolate mix. The perfect midday pick me up. Filling enough to count as an afternoon snack (thanks, bananas!), sweet enough to feel like a treat, and with the added bonus of a jolt […]