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Pound Cake Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding 2

When I woke up last Sunday morning I had an email from one of my favorite college professors, George, congratulating me on the fact that The American Cookbook was on the New York Times’ Summer Reading List. I promptly lost my shit. I couldn’t believe it until I saw it for myself, and even after I’d read the article on my phone, on my computer, and in print I still had trouble believing that it was real. What an honor! What a treat! I thought, to celebrate, I’d share one of my favorite recipes from the book, my banana pudding. This banana pudding, made with pound cake instead of vanilla wafers, is a slice of heaven. I plan on celebrating with a plate full, all to myself.

Banana Pudding

Pound Cake Banana Pudding

1 pound cake

6 bananas


2 cups milk

1/2 cup sugar 

3 tbsp cornstarch

1 tbsp butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

whipped cream:

2 cups heavy whipping cream

2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

Bring milk almost to a boil and then reduce heat to a simmer. Stir in cornstarch and sugar and whisk continuously until thickened. Remove from heat and add butter and vanilla. Let chill.

Slice pound cake into 1/2” slices and toast in oven until crisp. Slice bananas into 1/4” slices. Layer half the pound cake across the bottom of a wide serving dish. Top with half the bananas. Pour pudding overtop of the first layer evenly. Add second layer of pound cake and top with remaining bananas. Whip cream, sugar, and vanilla until stiff. Spoon over the bananas and chill 45 minutes to an hour. Serve chilled.

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