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Lovely Internet 1.31.14

Lovely Internet 1.31.14

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1. The Gentrification of Collards. I’ll admit I had a chuckle when I saw that poster, but this article makes an interesting point of why collards being the next “it” green may not be such a great thing for the people who traditionally eat them.

2. Moon Pies in North Korea

3. As someone with loads of irrational fears, I know what it feels like to think these sorts of things.

4. A thoughtful piece from Grace of Design Sponge on the State of the Blog Union.

5. The Waffle House Index

6. Hunting with Southern Chefs

7. I might need this shirt. I really, really might.

8. “Schools in the South close at the mere hint of snow not because the people who live there are wimps, but because snow is such a rare event—and most cities there don’t have a fleet of snow plows the way Northern ones do.

9. The Doughscuit

10. My Aunt Diane (who is completely convinced Dan & I are hipsters) sent me this, which is hilarious. Will you be heading to McDonalds for your morning jolt?

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