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Lovely Internet 2.28.14

Lovely Internet 2.28.14

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1. The Many Doughnuts of Mardi Gras.

2. Yoga is even better for us than we thought.

3. 8 books to preorder.

4. Seems like there might be hope for my relationship with escarole.

5. This can’t be healthy.

6. The best relationship advice, from someone who has seen it all.

7. The Politics of Representation

8. Favorite cocktails on Food52 (including our Satusma Cobbler, something I love eternally). Also, more party drinks.

9. Well, it’s donuts for me then.

10. A woman’s tribute to her mother-in-law, her husband, and her family food heritage.

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  • DessertForTwo

    28.02.2014 at 18:52 Reply

    What a great read on a cold Friday night with bourbon in hand! I love your round-ups :)

    • elena

      01.03.2014 at 06:57 Reply

      Thank you!! Man do I wish I had a bourbon on this cold night ;)

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