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Lovely Internet 3.28.14

Lovely Internet 3.28.14

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1. A Tale of Two Cornmeals

2. A Brief History of Evil Fingertenting

3. That’s hilarious.

4. Everything about this company is amazing. Especially the video. (Dan made the point that it would be crazy NOT to buy those unicorn pants).

5. I love a good running skirt. Who cares what women run in? As long as they’re happy worry about your own damn self, SELF.

6. This week one of my students said “In the olden days, the eighties” which made me feel as old as the wind. Have I grown up, finally?

7. Important lessons.

8. I’ve been thinking of getting into triathalons/open water swim training, and I could see this being a real asset.

9. How magical are these Mary Blair inspiration paintings?

10. I don’t even know what to do without This American Life. Good thing it looks like it’ll survive without public radio.

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