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Lovely Internet 11.14.14

Lovely Internet 11.14.14


1. I am so very guilty of answering “busy” when someone asks how I am. The Disease of Being Busy.

2. “Modern Farmer is not widely read by farmers.”

3. Lithopedions.

4. This is how Net Neutrality works (a comic).

5. My dad always says that early is on time, on time is late, and late means you’re fired. I think he’d agree with the sentiments of this (as do I).

6. Being a feminist does not, unfortunately, excuse you from having body image issues.

7. Our first year out of college Dan bought me the first season of Gilmore girls on DVD. Then, slowly, we acquired the whole show and I have subsequently watched it about once a year all the way through. This play-by-play of the first season was spot on.

8. Speaking of Gilmore girls here’s a drinking game for you. I’ll be finishing my tea to Sylvia Plath references all winter long.

9. I’ve been laughing at this ALL WEEK.

10. “That’s infertility, I think, that feeling of being just a little bit crushed, always.” (I got to meet Natalie last night and she was just as lovely in person as she is online. It was a treat.)

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  • Shannon

    14.11.2014 at 06:53 Reply

    Love the Gilmore Girls drinking game! When will there be another show that has that level of dialogue but is still sweet and innocent?! Cool that you got to meet Natalie. I love her writing, too!

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