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Lovely Internet 6.25.15

1. The impersonation of Rachel Dolezal you’ve been waiting for (thanks Maya Rudolph).

2. On finding your quiet (and congrats, Grace, this book sounds amazing!)

3. Who can use the “n-word”? and why the focus on this one word takes away from the point of President Obama’s nuanced message about race in this country.

4. Marilyn Mosby!

5. This is community support. This is resilience.

6. A Conservative pundit on why he’s changed his mind on the Confederate flag. Also, racism is not just a Southern institution, it exists throughout the country. And finally, here’s a break down on why the Confederate War was really fought, from the men who fought it.

7. Excellent! Death to low fat!

8. Harry Potter on stage (!!)


10. On high heels and power.


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