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Meyer ’15

As I get older I’m learning to focus on the things in my life that are fulfilling, that make me a happier and more well rounded person. I’ve learned to say no to certain things and hell yes to others. It’s a daily practice of focusing on what actually brings me joy and eliminating what doesn’t. […]

Cayenne Cider Punch

During my sojourn at the Atlanta Airport a few weeks ago I spent most of a day in One Flew South, enjoying pork belly and cocktails mixed by their master mixologist Tiffanie Barriere. My first drink was one that I immediately wanted to recreate at home- a Jumping Jack Flight, a mix of apple jack, sorghum, cider, […]

Stormy Scuppernong

Lately my drink of choice has been the Dark and Stormy. Actually, I can’t get enough of any combination of spicy/strongly flavored spirits mixed with my beloved ginger beer. From the Honey Buck to the Dark and Stormy it’s my preferred cocktail for nights out at restaurants to afternoons spent relaxing on the porch, and everything in […]