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Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award


So today I was given the Honest Scrap Award.  Actually, I got an email from a fellow blogger that used the phrase “now it’s your turn.”  Which is a little menacing, but I won’t hold it against you, Lucinda.  From what I gathered from the interweb is that the honest scrap award is passed from blogger to blogger and when it falls on your lap you have to do two things.  First and foremost you have to share with the world ten completely honest and true things about yourself.  Then, you have to implore other bloggers to do the same.  So, world, here are ten facts about myself.  Actually, they’re a mixture of facts and anecdotes.  I’m a story teller.

1. My full name is Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr.  My first name is after a little girl that used to come into the clothing store where my mom worked.  She would bring my mom fruit.  My middle name is after my mom’s good friend Brenda Taylor, whose birthday I share- July 7th.

2. The first time I met Dan we were waiting in line at MICA’s Cafe Doris on a break from the Exhibition Development Seminar.  I showed him my compass.  It was a GoreTex compass.  It was awesome.

3. The only nickname I’ve ever received is Enie.  I have a cousin, Taylor, who is 5 days younger than I am, who couldn’t pronounce Elena.  My family’s favorite anecdote to tell is when I cornered Taylor and smothered him with kisses (we were 2 or 3) and he exclaimed “too many kisses Enie!”  Most of my family still calls me Enie.

4. When I was a junior in college I dyed my hair dark red.  My dad was furious and kept giving me dirty looks because “Rosemonds are blonde.”  During the winter my hair is a light brown, but during the summer it gets white blonde, especially when I was a lifeguard.  Not to mention that my father doesn’t have enough hair to really be a blonde anymore.

5. My mom is from Ewing, NJ and when we were growing up we would drive up there for the holidays.  Inevitably along the road my mom and I would get in a fight and start giving each other the silent treatment.  I can maintain the silent treatment for days, but my mom has a short attention span.  So when she was tired of ignoring me she would turn up the (disco) music and start dancing in my personal space.  She always broke me.

6. Gilmore Girls is my favorite tv show.  Keep your criticism to yourself, I’ve heard it all.  That show, along with everything made by Julia Styles totally shaped my formative teen years.

7. My dad is 6’9.  I’m 5’11.  My brothers, Reid & Ryan, are 6’2 and 6’5 (approximately, they grow so fast).  My  mom is 5’6.  She looks so cute and tiny standing next to my brothers and I.

8. When I got married in September I inherited the most adorable 3 year old niece, Meredith.  She’s the smartest child I’ve ever met, and her ponytails form natural ringlets.

9. I have a stepsister, Lauren, who is 6 months older than me.  On her 16th birthday, she got diamond earrings.  On my 16th birthday my dad and I got SCUBA certified.  Now half of my family and my husband are certified and my dad owns his own dive charter.  Smartest birthday present I’ve ever asked for.

10. Before I started dating Dan the strongest thing I drank was black tea, maybe the occasional pumpkin spice latte.  Now I drink two cups of black coffee every morning.  When I made the transition from tea to coffee it only made sense to hold the milk.  I really don’t care for milk.

So there it is, 10 little things about me.  Now about the other bloggers.  I made a short list and then I started having this feeling in my stomach and decided not to.  Since a lot of my readers are bloggers themselves, here it is.  To steal a line from Lucinda, now it’s your turn.  Post your 10 things here in the comments or on your own blogs (link it back here!).  Have fun!  And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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