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Food : Art

Food : Art

As artists, I like our apartment to be filled with artwork, both our own and work that we love.  We’ve slowly been building our collection, from Brian Andreas prints to framed greeting cards, the art on the walls helps our little apartment feel like home.

Until recently, we didn’t have any food art, which is kind of strange since 90% of the photographs made in our house are of food.  It just hadn’t occurred to me to print and hang the photos I make for this blog.  Recently, however, I was approached by a local company, Easy Canvas Prints.  They offered to turn one of my photos (the photo of my choosing) into a canvas print.  I happily accepted and a few weeks later, this beauty was on my doorstop.

For the canvas print I chose a picture I took last summer of sliced figs.  It’s a (in my humble opinion) beautiful picture that I thought would fit in perfectly with our wall of art.  When the print arrived it was exactly what I expected.  It’s perfectly printed, crystal clear, and amazingly rich.  Since we hung it a few weeks ago every person to walk through our living room has commented on how incredible it looks.  Win!

It fits perfectly into our collection and our home.  Thanks, Easy Canvas Prints!


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  • Aunt Jill

    17.10.2011 at 13:10 Reply

    the apt is looking fabulous! can’t wait to see you both. xoxo

    • elena

      18.10.2011 at 10:28 Reply

      Thanks Aunt Jill!

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