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Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Happy almost Christmas! This morning, before we pack up the car and head to the north for a week of Christmas fun, I wanted to share a different kind of holiday cocktail, the morning kind.  Personally when it comes to drinking before noon I prefer bloody marys and mimosas, but there is something to be said for a hot Irish coffee.  It’s such a decadent drink, creamy and rich and full of flavor.  Worlds away from my usual cup of black coffee.

An Irish coffee is a combination of strong coffee or espresso, cream, and Irish whiskey.  Some variations include brown sugar or Irish cream liquor, but as I’m not much of a sweet coffee drinker (and I really don’t need that much booze in my morning cup), we opted for a more basic recipe.  And while I think I’m drunk just from licking the whipped cream off the side of the glass, this would be the perfect holiday brunch cocktail for the whiskey lovers in your family!

Irish Coffee

1 jigger of Irish whiskey

Dash of cream

1 cup strong coffee

Whipped cream (heavy cream & sugar)

Dash of nutmeg

Whip cream and a bit of sugar together.  Make coffee.  Combine coffee, a dash of heavy cream, and whiskey in a mug. Top with whipped cream and nutmeg.  Drink with caution.

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