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a year in review, 2012

a year in review, 2012

2012 was, certainly, a doozy.

personally, we’ve:

– moved 408 miles south

– celebrated our third wedding anniversary

– changed states, homes, jobs

– watched my sister, lauren, get engaged LIVE on google hangout

– brought the sweetest most wonderful pup into our lives

– seen a second annual pie festival become wildly successful

– run, run, run

– painted a number of rooms

– spoken at my grandmother’s alma mater

– stuck our toes in the pacific ocean

– learned to love tofu and quinoa (okay, maybe that’s just me)

– created a space on the internet for thoughts about things other than southern cooking

– given a pie to one of my online heroes

this here blog has: 

– seen it’s 4th year

– survived a rocky 6 months of transition

– increased in size and scope

-rehabbed our first piece of cast iron

– experimented wildly in the field of “boozy pies”

– continued our education about how to best handle crabs

– continued to chug away, week in and week out

As always, thank you for visiting, your support, your interest, and your sweet words. Here’s to 2013!

2012 in review from elena rosemond-hoerr on Vimeo.


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