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Lovely Internet 1.10.14

Lovely Internet 1.10.14

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1. This year’s Saveur 100.

2. Standing ovation to this man not just for being a good father but for getting on the soapbox and saying what needs to be said about the role men should and do play in modern parenting.

3. The Next Civil Rights Issue (not a pleasant conversation, but an important one)

4. Is the blog dead?

5. I made a turducken. It was kind of amazing, and kind of grim.

6. This is AMAZING. I want one.

7. Can you imagine eating any of these foods? Have you?

8. I found this book problematic in a lot of ways, but it’s worth the read for less than three dollars.

9. I’m generally pretty wary of doctors and medical intervention, but I do believe that vaccinations play an important role in the health (literally) of our society. This article raises some very interesting arguments.

10. A sad state of affairs.

Thanks for your patience as I took a little bit of a break from posting recipes to get through the holidays and the aftermath of the holidays. I’m wrapping up a big freelance recipe development project so I’m hoping to come back to reality sometime soon. I’ll be back this weekend to share Dan’s birthday cake!

For more tidbits from Elena the person, follow me on twitter (@elenabrent or @biscuitsandsuch), instagrampinterest or facebook. Follow along with MissElenaeous for thoughts on everything other than Southern food.

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