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Lovely Internet 11.28.14

Lovely Internet 11.28.14


1. Only words. (and what happened in Ferguson, just the facts) (also) (and this, this, and this)

2. My friend Oren.

3. If you care about organic, sustainable family farming (or any combination thereof), let the FDA know.

4. Yup, yes to all 13 of these.

5. Preach, Lyz.

6. The case for supporting responsible and sustainable agriculture by not buying local.

7. I’m in possession of a healthy amount of skepticism, and I turn a critical eye at everything anyone is trying to sell me, especially when it comes to my physical well being. And while I’ve had my life changed dramatic for the better by specific herbal supplements, it’s important to be cautious with both snake oily holistic treatments and conventional medicines. And to question the motives of every capitalist system that is trying to “heal” you.

8. I wish I had leftover mashed potatoes so that I could make these (and because I’ve never once regretted having any form of leftover potato in my possession.

9. We listened to all of Serial on the drive to Philadelphia and I am officially sucked in. Are you listening?

10. Sorry siblings.  I hope we didn’t inflict too much lasting damage (parents, don’t get too excited-  you are not off the hook for anything.)

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