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Lovely Internet 8.22.14

1. 5 Myths of Cast Iron Cookware. 2. Mary Poppins is a man. 3. Why we don’t see our own typos. 4. PotatoStock. 5. Long live the butterbean. 6. Maybe we’re not the worst AFTER ALL! 7. Alton Brown, Southern icon. “It’s reflected in the fact that to be a Southerner suits everything that I […]

Lovely Internet 8.8.14

1. Behind the scenes. 2. Greens! 3. Welcome to the CSA 4. How to avoid food waste. I am definitely going to try some of these tips. 5. I might need one of these. 6. We have a few places in our house where fresh flowers would be lovely but I always let them stay well […]

Corn & Oil

To continue our month of holiday cocktails, I’d like to share one of Dan’s favorites, a Corn & Oil.  He had this for the first time at Baltimore’s famous Woodberry Kitchen, a local restaurant that we love (we’ll be going there again for Dan’s birthday in January. 27!).  A Corn & Oil is a mixture […]