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Sauerkraut & Dumplings

A few months ago I spent the afternoon with my Great Uncle Ted and my Great Aunt Ann learning the secrets of Flossie’s pound cake. We talked about my great grandmother, my grandmother, and the whole Ballenger family, but mostly we talked about Ted’s favorite dish, sauerkraut & dumplins. I talked for a long time that […]

Lovely Internet 12.12.14

1. How to Email a Busy Person (is it really not rude to send the same email, verbatim, again?) 2. “I like to imagine that he created this catalog just to fuck with rich trust-fund babies.” 3. I want to try this! 4. This should be filed under #21stcenturyproblems. 5. These look delicious! 6. Popcorn […]

Sliced Baked Potatoes

Have you had Hasselback potatoes before? For the past few years I’ve seen them all over my pinterest throughout the holiday season, and I was curious. I mean, there isn’t much better than a baked potato, and the prospect of getting the butter inside the potato as you bake it was irresistible. If I were to choose my two […]