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Corn & Oil

To continue our month of holiday cocktails, I’d like to share one of Dan’s favorites, a Corn & Oil.  He had this for the first time at Baltimore’s famous Woodberry Kitchen, a local restaurant that we love (we’ll be going there again for Dan’s birthday in January. 27!).  A Corn & Oil is a mixture […]

Apartment Kabobs

I know, logically, that it’s not winter yet.  I also know that I should stop whining about the fact that the seasons are changing and just embrace it, because it’s going to be a very long winter.  But did anyone else notice that it was 30 degrees on Saturday? I mean, seriously?  That’s BELOW FREEZING. […]

Catch of the Day

This weekend Dan and I journeyed south to Morehead City on some wedding business. It was a great weekend, full of the unexpected and a lot of fun. My two brothers, Reid and Ryan, and my father and stepmother were there the whole weekend, and Dan’s parents joined us for Saturday. On Friday we were […]