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Shoo-fly Pie

Dan’s birthday dessert request this year was shockingly not a cake (his birthday is the one day a year where I happily make a cake), but instead one of his favorite childhood desserts- a shoo-fly pie. I’d never had the pleasure of trying a shoo-fly pie before, so I was excited (and a bit nervous) […]

Lovely Internet 1.23.15

1. The State of Food. 2. If we’re being honest, how much do our lives really look like our Pinterest feed? Basically never, I would say. That’s okay, real life is pretty great. 3. The history and context of the banjo in modern Southern culture. (Plus, more Old Timey music from Bonnie Prince Billy if you’re […]

Drop Biscuits

Last weekend was Dan’s 30th birthday (!!) and when I asked him how he wanted to celebrate he said that he wanted to spend the weekend making and eating great food with great friends.  We invited down some of our closest friends– Brit and Aaron and Kellie and Corey– for the weekend and we did just […]