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Lovely Internet 5.8.15

1. Can we make food issues real?

2. I have been on both the giving and receiving end of awkward exchanges of sympathy and regret, where the struggle between wanting to express just how deeply you care and not wanting to be that asshole friend who says the wrong thing meet and, far too often, end in awkward silence. Not sure what to say when your friend is diagnosed with something terrible/experiences something awful/confronts the unimaginable? Send an empathy card. And then be there, no questions asked, as much as you can.

3. A different look at Martin O’Malley.

4. How did the Tar Heel state get its name?

5. We’re getting our first tropical storm of the season, Ana, this weekend. I’ll be hunkered down with a tall glass of something tasty.

6. You bet your bottom dollar I’ll be buying tickets for Dock Street XI as soon as they go on sale.

7. Misconceptions about miscarriage. (and)

8. I want to spend my summer in this.

9. These are completely beautiful.

10. How systemic racism means impacts all cops, even the black ones.


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