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Old Fashioned Strawberry Ice Cream

When I was growing up, my Uncle Kevin had an old-fashioned, hand-crank ice cream maker. I have vivid memories of the family gathering around the table at the neighborhood clubhouse, where we held every single annual summer gathering for as long as I can remember, watching as my uncle cranked away. The chilled delicacy he created was the best peach ice cream we’d ever had partially because my Aunt Jinx drove those peaches all the way from Georgia but mostly because we’d all seen the hard work that went into making it. Not unlike the satisfaction that comes with the first ’mater sandwich of the season after planting tomato seeds in the dark of February, our ice cream tasted better because we’d had to work for it. That is one of life’s truisms: Things are always sweeter after a bit of effort.


If you’re nodding along with me and thinking I want that! I want to eat ice cream knowing that I made it thanks to sure force of will and forearm strength! but quickly cursing the fact that you’re lacking the proper equipment, let me reassure you that anyone who has two plastic bags or two tins of different sizes can make ice cream at home, the old-fashioned way.

head over to Our State Magazine for the rest of the story and the recipe!

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