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Lovely Internet 6.5.15


1. Lessons from a Southern mama.

2. The Universe is totally telling you to do that.

3. I was recently explaining to someone why I don’t invest too much time into cultivating “social” numbers- because they are meaningless (pretty much) and I’d rather invest my time and limited energy into this space, which is mine.

4. My first introduction to “on fleek” was definitely Jon Stewart, but this weekend I heard someone say it in the wild. I had to look up what the hell it means.

5. Should you spring for that vintage cast iron? (and other kitchen questions).

6. Eggcorns! Which of these are you guilty of? (Also guys it’s clearly buck naked).

7. How cool is this map of Pangea?

8. Sitting on manspreaders. Hell yeah.

9. This is excellent! I definitely needed it a few weeks ago when I wasn’t sure if I stumbled across a mulberry bush.

10. This week sucked, a lot. I needed this.


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  • Heather

    05.06.2015 at 10:42 Reply

    This plant app is awesome! Just what I wanted too. Also loved learning about how to not spend so much time on social media…great insight! And who doesn’t love baby goats :)

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