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Did you know that chipotles are smoked red jalapeños? And that paprika is smoked pimentos (we’ll be circling back to that later this summer)? I know, it blew my mind.


chipotles 4


Last summer my brother brought us a huge bag full of jalapeños from his farm, and since we had just bought a smoker we finally had the opportunity to make our own chipotles (these are the things we dreamed about all those years in city apartments).


chipotle 3


It was insanely easy. As easy as 1) take red jalapeños 2) put in smoker 3) wait 4) dry completely 5) enjoy. Seriously. Do that. Get red jalapeños. Smoke them. Grind them. Have chipotles! We used them all winter whole in soups and stews and ground on, well, pretty much everything. They hit the spot, and we’ll definitely be smoking another batch this summer.







Fresh red jalapeños


It can take up to 48 hours for chipotles to dry through, so our approach was to smoke them for 10 hours on hickory smoke and then to finish them in the oven on very low (150F) for an additional 24 hours. We dried them until they were dry to the touch and the seeds inside rattled around.

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  • Sarah Snell

    20.03.2017 at 00:37 Reply

    Thanks for the information you added in your blog. This is really an easy task in my cooking experience :)

  • Arron Carter

    21.03.2017 at 23:37 Reply

    I loved the way you explain details about it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Its kind of really awesome!!!!

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