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Lovely Internet 8.7.15

1. “It is easy for people who have never tried to do anything as strange and difficult as being married to say marriage doesn’t matter, or to condemn those who fail at it, or to mock those who even try. But there is so much beauty in the trying, and in the failing, and in the trying again.” On marriage.

2. Hah! Divorce and volleyball.

3. This is probably my favorite installment of the Dress Your Tech series yet.

4. Check out this children’s book!

5. I am horrified by these.

6. Preach it, Mindy.

7. As someone who values the strength of my body and is not overly concerned with making it smaller, I wholeheartedly agree that we need to talk about women’s bodies and fitness. (also, ways women can be MORE not LESS)

8. Thanks for all the years, Jon.

9. White liberals and the interruption of Bernie Sanders. (and, incidentally, Bernie’s new platform on racial inequality).

10. Because it’s not disgusting and it’s not shameful.


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