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Lovely Internet 10.2.15

1. Please explain to me how this isn’t voter suppression?

2. We have become numb to mass shootings. How have we allowed that to happen? We need reform. We’re going to have to change our laws.

3. Do you hate the new Google logo? This might be why.

4. Did you know the highest population of Scottish people outside Scotland was once the Cape Fear region of North Carolina? The Carolina Scots even have a tartan of their own.

5. This is amazing! Exactly why we work with heirloom seeds and practice seed saving at school.

6. Are antibiotics responsible for the increase in allergies?

7. The repercussions of public shaming as a parenting technique.

8. Hah!

9. I am way too familiar with this brand of guys.

10. On Failure and Not-Failure.


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