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Fried Plantains

Last weekend I headed to sunny Georgia to surprise my dear friend Kellie at the opening of her first show in her new city of residence, Atlanta. Kellie, an incredible painter, has shown her work in galleries all over the world, from New York to Germany. And in the years since we graduated from MICA […]

Chocolates + Almonds

So as some of you may know, and may care, I am training for the Wrightsville Beach marathon this March. Since I’m basically just extending my training from the 21 mile trail race I did in January, I’m trying to spend this time fine tuning my method and packing in a lot of cross training […]

Due South

I always thought that I would stay in North Carolina forever. But, things change, and a series of decisions led me to art magnet school, to Baltimore for more art school, to marriage, to over 8 years spent living in Maryland. All those years, though, in the back of my mind, I always knew we’d return. […]

Peach & Gin(ger) Tonic

Twice last week I got to dip and participate in MICA’s freshman orientation. As an Alumni Council member and a local alum I get asked to come and mingle, speak, and connect with the current students pretty frequently. It’s one of the best things about being in Baltimore, getting to meet the up and coming […]

Honeysuckle Butter

In the nearly 8 years that I’ve lived in Maryland, I like to think I’ve learned a lot about this state. I know how to pick crabs, I know the names of at least two Raven’s players, and I understand that the words “Bel Air” are meant to be pronounced “Blair.” However, this place surprises […]

The Photography of Biscuits & Such

Happy March! This week, courtesy of a conference Dan’s company is sending him to, we are in California (yay!). It’s my first time in California, second time on the West Coast, and first time ever traveling as the spouse of someone going to a conference. I feel very much like I expect my Grammy did […]

The Cast Iron Chronicles: Part 2

Okay, we’re back with part two of The Cast Iron Chronicles!  This weekend I took a good long crack at the pan, in total spanning approximately 3 episodes of Criminal Minds. My first step was to knock the gunk and as much rust as possible off with steel wool.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. […]

Chipotle Cranberry Sauce

It’s that time of year  (my favorite time of year), where we start to prepare for Thanksgiving.  The best holiday that ever was.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that Thanksgiving is a big deal for me, and that over the course of November I post recipes once or twice a […]

Jan’s Seafood Boil

This past weekend we hosted a Seafood Boil in our backyard using my stepmom Maddie’s recipe for the Picnic Series.  A few dozen people stopped by over the course of the day bringing treats and smiles.  We ate, a lot, enjoyed the beautiful day, and discussed the moral dilemmas associated with the boiling of seafood. Nieces! […]

Buy Bupropion Sustainedrelease Zyban

Buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban, Sometimes we get very lucky and have the opportunity to host someone very important to us. Zyban equals welbutrin,  This past weekend it was our old college professor, George Ciscle, side effects of medicine named zyban. Taking zoloft with zyban,  Dan and I participated in many years worth of George's signature program, the Exhibition Development Seminar, zyban ecstasy. Zyban paxil,  It was in this class, in fact, zyban weight loss, Swollen lip zyban, where we met.  Actually, world re med zyban no rx, Side affects of zyban, technically speaking, it was in this class where on the first day I spent the better half of the first hour admiring his forearms as George talked about how the course is incredibly difficult and everyone should leave, side effects of zyban, Zyban and fertili, etc etc etc.  Then, on the break, I showed Dan my compass in line at MICA's Cafe Doris, buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban.  That's not a euphemism, studies done on zyban. Zyban tablets package insert,  I really did show him my compass.  It was new, prescribing zyban. Zyban year of introduction,  And awesome.

Buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban, Is it starting to add up why it took three years for us to actually start dating.  Anyhoo, perscription drug stores zyban retin-a, Zyban for sale online, we were lucky enough to host George and his husband Rick for dinner on Friday and it was, well, zyban cause hair loss, Zyban dosages, awesome.  We laughed and ate and caught up and told stories, zyban bulimia, Worksite zyban, it was a wonderful evening.  And in the background, zyban overnight, Zyban about feedback, along with a simple arugula salad and a pitcher of sangria that only I drank (it was delicious, by the way), zyban roken, Zyban smoking, were these short ribs.  Braised in red wine and served over cheesy, zyban sexual bupropion side effects, Zyban cigarette addiction, creamy, scrumptious grits, pregnancy and zyban.

Fall, to me, means a lot of things, buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban. Zyban cheap nicotene patches,  It means scarves and jackets and boots and pumpkin lattes, but it also means the beginning of serious meat season, withdrawal zyban. What is zyban product,  While we eat a fair amount of meat in the summer it's always something light, refreshing, nicotine addiction chewing tobacco zyban. Zyban fungicide,  Fall and winter is the time for stews and braises, foods that require your oven staying on for hours, zyban 75w fungicide. With zyban,  Food that you eat while wearing a sweater or with your fuzzy socks on. Buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban,  Or is that just me.  Fuzzy socks, zyban dangerous side effects, Zyban smoking medicine, ftw.

Braised Short Ribs over Creamy Grits


8-10 beef short ribs

1 bottle red wine

4 cups vegetable or beef stock

1 tsp allspice berries

1 tsp peppercorns

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp dried basil

1 tbsp fresh rosemary

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 bay leaf

1 tbsp salt

1 stick butter


2 cups milk

1 cup vegetable or beef stock

1 cup yellow corn grits

1 lb cremini mushrooms

4 shallots

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp bacon fat

1/2 cup heavy cream

1 cup gruyere cheese, zyban drug interaction, Zyban product, grated

1 cup extra sharp white cheddar cheese, grated

Salt & pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

Green onions

The night before you'd like to serve this, zyban wellbutrin prozac sarafem, Sr zyban, marinate your meat in 1/2 bottle wine and half of all the herbs/spices.  Refrigerate overnight, zyban doseage. Zyban label, 4 hours before you'd like to serve this, take the meat out of the marinade and pat each side down, zyban coupons.  Melt 1/2 stick butter in a medium size pot, buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban. Zyban ban uk,  Salt & pepper ribs and brown them for about 30 seconds per side, in the butter, online prescription for zyban. Quit smoking zyban bangalore,  When they're all browned put them into the pot.  Cover with remaining wine, zyban dangerous side, Zyban quit smokings, stock, butter, zyban bupropion 150 mg 90 tablets, Zyban anti smoking drug, and the rest of the herbs.  Cover and cook at 375 for 3 1/2 hours, zyban package insert. Buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban, To make the grits bring the milk and stock to a low boil. Zyban and appetite,  Stir in grits.  Stir until thickened and remove from heat, zyban smith kline. Zyban csnadian,  Stir in cheese and cream.

In a medium size pan melt your butter and bacon fat, zyban crying.  Slice your shallots and cook over low/medium heat until brown, buy bupropion sustainedrelease zyban. Zyban and citalopram interaction,  Set aside.  Slice mushrooms and add them to the pan (adding more butter if necessary), zyban rash. Zyban nasea gravol,  Cook until brown.  Stir mushrooms and shallots into the grits, zyban and depression, along with the lemon juice.

Arrange short ribs on top of the grits on the plate and top with green onion.

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