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Strawberry Lime Tart

This weekend was full of interesting things, such as cookouts (called “barbeques” by all our new Maryland friends (that I have now offended by correcting them, in person and on the interwebs)), and me offending even more people by stating that I think the Maryland license looks like something a 12 year old printed at […]

Cherry Blossom Danishes

My mother says what she missed most when we lived in southern Florida was the lack of changing seasons.  I remember one winter she turned the air conditioning in our house way down so that she could light a fire.  It seemed nonsensical, but as an adult I can understand her nostalgia for the transition […]

Bagels, Revisited

While I hate to bog you down with any one kind of food (except, of course, for pie), I also really hate to publish recipes that I don’t think are up to par.  And while last weekend’s Jalapeño Bagels were tasty and the perfect food for our massive hangovers, they were not the perfect bagel. […]