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Bone Broth

After the round of sickness that swept through school and a few long days traveling by air and automobile, I came down with the inevitable cold. This time of year is hard on the body, and I often struggle with doing my best to take time for myself while all the world around me seems […]

Skillet Sausage Quiche

In an almost continuation of the Cast Iron Chronicles, I want to share what is probably my new go-to quiche. I made it for dinner a few weeks ago where a lot of friends were coming, and it was the perfect combination of vegetables, sausage, eggy cheesy goodness, and a pizza crust. The beauty of […]

Pork, Fig, & Rosemary Browned Butter

To frame this post, I’d like to tell you Dan’s recommended names.  First was “Pork Fig Fat.”  Secondly, he went with PORK FIG AWESOME.  I was partial to both, but thought I’d give a more descriptive title.  No matter what you call it though, this dish was exactly what I needed.  You see, tonight was […]