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The Best “AND SUCH” Y’all Have!

The Best “AND SUCH” Y’all Have!


Here it is!  The much-tweeted about competition in honor of the upcoming 100th blog post on Biscuits and Such!

In honor of this blog hurdle, we here at Biscuits and Such are holding a recipe competition.  After much discussion (and many tacos), we decided that we were going to ask readers to send in their favorite southern recipes!  After further deliberation, we decided on the perfect prize- a handmade recipe book (among other things, listed below)!

Here is how the competition will work:

  • Using the form below, you will be able to submit your favorite southern recipe and explain why it is your favorite southern recipe (if you can defend your southern lasagna, I want to hear it)
  • The entry period will end August 26 at 11.59pm.
  • After all entries have been submitted, we will pick 3 finalists, whose recipes I will cook.  Finalists will be picked based on the overall appeal of their recipe and story (stories are a very important part of b&s, never underestimate their power).
  • A panel of judges (i.e. Dan, myself, and some of our friends and family) will judge the recipes and choose the winner based on taste, originality, story, and, ultimately, whether or not it would be something we would cook again.  There will even be score cards!
  • I will post the winning recipe on September 6, 2009 as my 100th blog post.

And here are the many benefits the winner will reap:

  • A handmade recipe book (pictured below)!
  • Your recipe will be featured on the front page of Biscuits and Such!
  • Your recipe will be featured on the Biscuits and Such Springpad page (for the world to spring!)
  • Your recipe will be immortalized in the b&s recipe index!
  • Your recipe will be featured in the Springpad newsletter (which reaches 20,000 Springpad users)!
  • Your recipe will be featured on The Simple Me!

Happy Cooking!


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