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Almond Grit Cakes with Clementines & Honey

One of the very best things about the internet is the community. It has it’s ups and downs, definitely, and sometimes having a public blog that is open to criticism leads to reading, well, criticism of my person and my recipes and my life which sucks but the trade off for the positive is huge. […]

Thanksgiving Spread

Thanksgiving is, and has always been, my favorite holiday.  For most people, whatever winter holiday they prescribe to, Festivus, if you will, is their favorite.  I mean, those holidays come with presents!  But I like Thanksgiving.  Presents just get in the way of what I see as the best part of any big family holiday, […]

The Best “AND SUCH” Y’all Have!

Here it is!  The much-tweeted about competition in honor of the upcoming 100th blog post on Biscuits and Such! In honor of this blog hurdle, we here at Biscuits and Such are holding a recipe competition.  After much discussion (and many tacos), we decided that we were going to ask readers to send in their […]