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Thanksgiving Spread

Thanksgiving Spread


Thanksgiving is, and has always been, my favorite holiday.  For most people, whatever winter holiday they prescribe to, Festivus, if you will, is their favorite.  I mean, those holidays come with presents!  But I like Thanksgiving.  Presents just get in the way of what I see as the best part of any big family holiday, the food.  I mean please people, who cares about your new homeless American Girl doll when there is BRIE CHEESE COVERED IN PUFF PASTRY.  And the very best foods come out at the holidays.  We throw caution to the wind and soak things in butter, deep fry them, and load them with more calories than usual.


In fact, my family took it to the extreme- competitive eating.  We started a tradition among the six siblings where you would weigh in Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and weigh out Saturday or Sunday.  Whomever gained the most weight over the course of those few days would be the reigning champion eater until the next year.  Inevitably my brother Ryan always won.  He’s the youngest, the gangliest, and the one with the most unstoppable appetite.  My sisters and I burnt out after 5 or 6 twice baked potatoes, but the boys could just keep on going.  It was almost nauseating.  If it hadn’t been so incredibly hilarious.


This year I am participating in a different kind of Thanksgiving competition- a recipe based one.  My favorite life organizational site, Springpad, has pitted their partner food bloggers against each other in a Thanksgiving meal blog-off.  Starting today you are able to visit my Thanksgiving spread on Springpad and spring my recipes into your holiday plans.  The incentive for me, besides fame and glory, is the chance at $500.  The incentive for you, dear readers, besides the benefit of my delectable recipes on your table, is the chance to win $100, just for springing a recipe. That’s free money with which to buy yourself a Festivus present.


Starting tomorrow I will also be posting the recipes here, my ideal holiday spread.  Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce, Potatoes au Gratin, Bacon Wrapped Green Beans, Roasted Mango & Habanero Glazed Turkey, and finally, the long awaited Caramel Turtle Pie.  Starting today they’re all available on Springpad, and as they go up on b&s you’ll be able to spring them via the “save it” button.  Either way you do it, put your springing powers to good use because the more collective springs my Thanksgiving spread gets, the closer I am to $500!  Which will totally come back to you in good ways, I’ll pay it forward with more of the recipes that keep you coming here.  Additionally, for our complete list of holiday favorites, visit here.  Stick with us this holiday season and your table with be the envy of all.


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