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Lovely Internet 1.16.15

1. A formula for love.

2. A shark giving birth caught for the first time on camera!

3. Don’t soak your beans!

4. The new Nordic diet. (this sums up how we eat 100%)


6. When I started this blog six years ago I made a decision to focus on Southern food and to stay strict with myself about what sorts of recipes and methods fit into that niche. I’ve never regretted that decision, but it was validating to read an argument supporting my commitment to staying within my genre.

7. I knew she looked familiar!

8. When I was a kid I sliced my foot on barnacles trying to get onto my Uncle Bill’s jet ski. It was 1) my birthday 2) one of many times I fainted at the sight of my own blood and 3) the only time I’ve ever been stabbed by a delicacy.

9. Dan and my cousin Sean are reenacting the Battle of Fort Fisher this weekend and HOLY SMOKES am I excited! I have requested that Dan die tragically in at least one of the battles.

10. I’ve never been particularly good at makeup (this is where everyone who knew me in high school and college and most of my 20s snorts in agreement), but every once in a while I make a small effort. I was recently sent some em cosmetics and I have to say, they’re pretty awesome. I’ve been using them for the past few months and never had I had such success in looking very put together with very little effort on my part.

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