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Beer Can Chicken

Also known as Beer Butt Chicken.  I’m a lady, though, so we’ll call them Beer Can Chickens.  We served two of them for our awesomely successful Seafood Boil last week for those guests that did not partake in the seafood and wanted to eat more than potato salad.  Essentially, this is what the two titles […]

Roasted Chicken & Root Vegetables

This year we managed to make Christmas last until January 15th.  One benefit of having large families spread all over the country is that there’s a great excuse to celebrate and celebrate and celebrate.  We started in the beginning of December with my grandparents, visiting a beautiful lighted garden and enjoying a nice dinner.  After […]

Grilled Peach Salad

One of my favorite summer fruits are peaches.  And I know that I keep telling you that different summer fruits are my favorite summer fruit, and well… guilty as charged.  But I really do love peaches.  And I really do love hitting that point in the summer where you start to see peaches at the […]