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Garlic Skillet Smashed Potatoes

I know that I’ve been talking about it here a bit, but the past few months have been crazy. And while I know I’m guilty of saying that all the time, this winter and spring have blown other crazy times out of the water. We (or I) have been on the road every weekend since […]

Grilled Potato Chips

I’ve frequently used this space on the internet to soapbox about things that are mostly unimportant to everyone else, the most prevalent of which is the difference between a cookout and barbeque (a cookout is when you cook foods like hotdogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken outdoors. Barbeque is a noun). It’s been my mission over the past so […]

Paula’s Potato Salad

This week I’m excited to share my Aunt Paula’s potato salad.  I love potato salad, especially the grilled potato salad we made last summer (I can’t wait to make that again).  As the weather warms up I’m thinking about picnics more and more, and no picnic is complete without a potato salad! Paula says: When […]