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Pickled Tomatoes

I love pickles. Pickled okra, pickled cucumber, pickled onions, pickled squash, pickled tomatoes, pickled peppers, pickled you name it. Year round they are my go to hit-the-spot salty treat. I can’t imagine a world without pickles. This summer I planted five or six yellow pear tomato plants. Unfortunately, two of the ones planted in our […]

Grammy’s Steak Sandwiches

This past weekend my grandparents invited us to their house for a picnic style dinner. My grandmother made a dozen little dishes and we sat around the coffee table and listened to stories, eating all of our favorite picnic foods. My grandparents grew up in the same neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey. They’ve known each […]

Stewed Pork Pie

One of the most fun parts of celebrating National Pie Month this way is that we’ve been able to share the pie love with our friends. ┬áThis Saturday we had friends over to help us eat this stewed pork pie and a winter banana pudding, so I had the opportunity to get creative. ┬áThe coolest […]