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Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough Bites

Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough Bites


I am that person that lives out of her purse.  I lean towards oversized carry-all purses that can hold so many things at once that I often lose my hand in their depths.  As someone perpetually on the go, this habit is a life saver.  Need a pen?  Check.  Need a some propel mix for my water?  Check.  Need a water bottle for that water?  Check.  Need a book about Andrew Jackson?  Check.  Some iphone cords?  Check.  Three pairs of headphones, two of which are broken?  Check.  Every receipt from the past three months?  Check.  Okay, maybe it’s half a life saver and half a bottomless pit of junk.


Either way, one time that this obsession with shoulder-hung space is handy is the movie theater.  When I was in high school there was a place right next to the movie theater that made the most amazing kung pao chicken over noodles.  I would get it to go, hide it in my purse strategically under other objects, and enjoy it during the movie.  Over the years I’ve snuck everything from the expected Twizzlers to oversized burritos into movie theaters, all with the same result- one happy viewer.


One of Dan’s favorite snacks to bring to movies are chocolate dipped cookie dough bites.  They sell them at the movie theater and in drug stores, and they’re pretty neat little snacks.  While I prefer Sour Patch Kids and popcorn over something chocolatey, I will on occasion swap him for one of these dough balls.  They’re tasty and I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like cookie dough?  So, as a method of cheering him up midweek between two emotionally draining family vacations, I made him chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie dough bites.  And they are fabulous.  As a resident of the wild side, I used real egg in my dough.  If you prefer to play it safe, there’s a pretty good list of substitutes for egg in baking here.  Once you’ve solved the basic question, to egg or not to egg, the recipe is easy and straight forward.  I halved a standard cookie dough recipe, melted two bars of semisweet dark chocolate and went from there.  I may even smuggle some of these in to the special foodbloggers screening of Julie & Julia next week (more on that to come!)


Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough Bites

2 bars semisweet dark chocolate


2 cups flour

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 egg

1 stick butter, softened

Mix together butter, egg, sugar, and vanilla.  Stir in flour and baking soda.  Stir in chips.

Cover a baking sheet with wax paper.  Spoon out teaspoon sized dollops.  Don’t worry about them being too ball-shaped right now, you can form them later.  Refrigerate 1 hour.

About 20 minutes before your dough is finished cooling, break the chocolate into chunks and melt in a double boiler.  When it is melted, pour into a bowl.

Remove your dough from the fridge.  Spread out a second sheet of wax paper.  Form each piece of dough into a small ball.  Dip into the chocolate using forks (it’s too hot for fingers!!), tongs, spoons, or whatever tool you have accessible.  Coat the ball entirely and then place on the wax paper.

Refrigerate 2-3 hours, then serve.

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  • Jacob

    27.03.2011 at 16:38 Reply

    You forgot to put how much butter goes in this recipe! I put 1 stick in because it seemed right, but you might want to add the butter. Thanks :)

    • elena

      28.03.2011 at 04:27 Reply

      Oh geez, good catch!

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