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Melted Brie & Cranberry

Melted Brie & Cranberry


You know that dish that everyone gobbles up around the holidays and ooohs and ahhhs over, relishing in consuming countless calories of delicious pre-New Years Resolution goodness?  This is so that dish in my family.  My Aunt Lori brings this to every family gathering and it is a hit, every time.


When I was trying to come up with a good appetizer to include in my Thanksgiving spread this year, this one immediately came to mind.  At first I pushed it out of my head because I thought it was too common, too traditional.  But then I thought- that’s what people want on Thanksgiving.  Sure, they’ll take a little twist here and a little spike of new flavor there, but for the most part, around the holidays, we want tradition. And for my family, this is tradition.


You’ll be happy to know that, since this is a food blog and I was entering this recipe into a recipe contest (after all), that I did add a twist.  Usually when this dish is served in my house it’s strictly brie and puff pastry.  Which, by itself, is one of of the most delicious things ever.  I mean, soft cheese and puffy buttery dough?  Please. But, being a professional and all, I added a little of my  homemade cranberry sauce.  I know.  I’ll take that invitation to MENSA now for my groundbreaking ideas.


Even if my twist isn’t revolutionary, I’m happy to report that it is delicious.  It adds a burst of flavor to the dish, not to mention a beautiful layer of color, which is important while you’re trying to show up the rest of your family during the holiday season.  Not that I try and show up my family.  Though my sister does make these oreo balls that I’m perpetually trying to one-up.  But that’s a story for another day.  What I’m saying is- delicious.  Perfect for the holidays.  Gobble gobble gobble.


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Melted Brie & Cranberry

1 sheet puff pastry

1 round of brie

1/4 cup fresh cranberry sauce (recipe here)

Spread the puff pastry out. Place brie on top. Spread cranberry sauce onto the brie. Fold up the edges of the pastry so that a circle is formed.

Bake at 350 for 35 minutes. Allow to rest 5 before serving

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  • Brian

    07.11.2013 at 11:48 Reply

    Question: I’m bringing this to a housewarming. Should I baked it at my house, and then transport it the hour to her house, or bake it at her house? I’m worried about it going soggy (never made this before).

    Love the blog – up and down! I’ve made a number of things from your site, and will continue to bake up a storm:)


    • elena

      07.11.2013 at 17:53 Reply

      Thank you so much! I would bake it at her house. An hour is a long time for it to sit, and at best it’ll be room temperature when you get there and you definitely want this to be hot!

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