{ Mango Smoothie }

Posted by on June 28, 2011 at 5:19 pm.

Lately, with the exception of a good hamburger, all I seem to want to eat or drink are mango smoothies.  For weeks I was ordering them everywhere I went, drinking smoothies at all times of the day like it was going out of style.

This week I wisened up.  I bought a reusable travel cup for cold beverages (coming soon: all the iced coffee I can drink) and put my immersion blender to work.  I have to say, I’ve been in smoothie heaven.  It’s my new favorite part of summer.  Besides, perhaps, my birthday tattoo (a saucer magnolia) or my new red hair.

Mango Smoothie

1/2 cup greek yogurt

1/2 cup cubed mango, fresh or frozen

1/2 cup mango juice

6-8 large ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Add juice or ice as needed until you have a consistency that works for you.

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