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The Art of a Cheese Spread

The Art of a Cheese Spread

I spent much of last week in Gettysburg for my friend Brit’s wedding. Brit and I were roommates freshman year, and she remains one of my favorite people in the world. The whirlwind week included a bridal shower, which I helped throw along with her bridesmaids Leigh, Christina, Liv, and Kellie.

Originally Brit wasn’t interested in a shower, but we talked her into something very low key. We decided to head up to Hauser Winery because Brit LOVES their cider, and throw a low key picnic with light snacks, friends, and family. Because it’s easy, affordable, and delicious we picked an array of meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, jams, spreads, and bread to compliment the local wine and cider.

The night before the shower we were talking about food and Brit (who knew nothing about the plans) exclaimed that her favorite meal EVER was meat and cheese, which sent me through the roof with happiness. All I wanted was for her to be happy and we somehow hit the nail on the perfectly round head.

Putting together a cheese spread is incredibly easy– with a little variety you can make a lot of people very happy. We chose a buttermilk blue cheese, a smoked cheddar, an aged white cheddar, pepperjack, brie, gouda, proscuitto, three types of salami, an assortment of olives, salted almonds, tomato jam, sweet pepper jam, fresh italian bread, water crackers, grapes, and apple butter. We decorated with a simple chalkboard cheese board, fresh flowers, and incredible scenery. It came together perfectly and we had a happy bride, which is all that matters.

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