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Grill(ed) Cheese

Grill(ed) Cheese

Currently, our tiny apartment is a maze of boxes and piles. I’m feeling claustrophobic and crazed and worried and overwhelmed. It didn’t help that I began my weekend by getting our car towed (I misread a parking sign) and ended it with the car dying in Baltimore County (which is different than Baltimore City. Baltimore City is its own county)(the car’s computer that calls all the shots is dying)(which is awesome timing).

Last weekend we held our annual barbeque, which was awesome, where we got to say goodbye to friends. And throughout the week we’ve been able to see more friends, tell them we love them, tell them we’ll visit, encourage them to visit us. But with moving, you never see everyone. And it’s never enough. On Friday I shot some newborn pictures of our dear friend’s new baby, Henry, and I knew there was no possible way I was going to be able to say goodbye to Jamie & Cheryl right there. So I made them promise to do dinner.

The problem with hosting dinner this late in the game is that most of our kitchen has been packed. And bringing new food into the apartment is not ideal. So this became a clean-out-the-fridge-and-condiments dinner. Meats from the freezers, cheeses, and spreads were all rustled together and paired with fresh bread for the first of many future fancy-grilled-cheese-on-the-grill dinners.

Apple, brie, proscuitto, and a cranberry orange jam. Grilled pork, apple butter, and cheddar. Proscuitto, goat cheese, arugula, tomato jam. Smoked salmon, red curry paste, herbed goat cheese. Thickly sliced country wheat bread. Butter spread on both sides, cooked directly on the grill.

This week we have friends stopping by each night, sometimes just for dinner, sometimes for dinner and assistance with tricky pieces of furniture, sometimes just for hugs. With each passing day we count down, our last dinner in the living room, our last meal cooked in the kitchen, our last late night with friends in the backyard. Counting down, yes, only to start a new clock on Monday.

photos via vsco cam on my iPhone 5. the mere act of editing photos that aren’t part of my work backlog is daunting, so this episode of biscuits&such brought to you by a phone camera that is nicer than my first dslr.

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  • c

    23.10.2012 at 00:05 Reply

    We miss you already!!

  • Naomi

    09.11.2012 at 08:38 Reply

    I’ve always wondered if I could make grilled cheese on the grill! Great post and congrats on your move!

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