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Lovely Internet 11.8.13

Lovely Internet 11.8.13

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1. An argument for measuring cups (THANK YOU).

2. Antique police mugshots.

3. I’m still coming off the high of celebrating Megan’s golden birthday in Charleston last weekend, so this list of promises best friends make to each other hit home.

4. I should clearly name my daughter Roger.

5. This woman is maybe definitely my hero.

6. Warm Sweet Potato Salad. Yum.

7. I always love Emily’s work (which is why we’re in the middle of working together on something special), but this really spoke to me.

8. I normally think dressing dogs is ridiculous, but watching my short haired pups shiver breaks my heart, so maybe just a sweater.

9. You Got This.

10. I really do hate that expression.

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  • DessertForTwo

    08.11.2013 at 08:18 Reply

    I love your roundups! Such a great read on a Friday morning :)

    • elena

      11.11.2013 at 10:42 Reply

      So glad to hear that!!

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