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Lovely Internet 5.16.17

Lovely Internet 5.16.17

5.16.14 1. This is something I’ve always felt strongly about as an educator- it’s important to say “I don’t know.

2. Um, yeah. I want this.

3. Everything about this sounds delightful.

4. Free Willy.

5. I am terrible at peeling hard boiled eggs. Maybe this will help?

6. Edible water. I think we need to try this at school!

7. This cake really is everywhere. I’m always on the lookout for unpasteurized buttermilk/dairy so that I can experiment with the chemical reaction behind this famous cake.

8. I’ve been thinking of getting dog portraits done for their 1st & 2nd birthdays. I know, I’ve gone off the deep end.

9. This is old, but just about the sweetest thing ever.

10. We got chicks! For school! They are the cutest thing and I am dying.

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  • Macie Hall

    19.05.2014 at 10:15 Reply

    Re easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs. Cook eggs in water however you please (cold or hot start, but add 1-2 TBSP (depending on size of pot/number of eggs) baking soda to the water and stir to dissolve before adding eggs.This helps to break down the protein that causes the membrane to bind to the shell. Shocking the eggs in ice water as soon as the cooking time ends helps as well, and keeps that green/black ring around the yolk from forming. This method works even with very fresh eggs.

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