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Lovely Internet 6.5.14

Lovely Internet 6.5.14


1. My friend Oren is fighting an impossible fight, and he wrote this about it. His words are so beautiful.

2. Why everything you know about fat is wrong.

3. Make your kitchen more Southern (I actually agree with this quite a bit).

4. An urban beehive?

5. I’m a firm believer in the need for more free range parenting and less obsessing over children’s every movements. This is why.

6. Have you checked out any of these short stacked editions?

7. The Myth of the Alpha and Your Princess is in Another Castle

8. Picturing women farmers.

9. Holy shit, guys. The American Cookbook is on the NYT’s Summer Reading List! And in great company!

10. She’s an inspiration to get my ass out of bed.

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