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Lovely Internet 7.18.14

Lovely Internet 7.18.14


1. Amy Sedaris on loving bunnies. I’ll admit, I never knew how much I could love a bunny until they were lounging around my life.

2. I’ve been making T-Rex motion detection jokes for decades! I refuse to accept this debunk.

3. THIS IS AMAZING (he will always remind me of the 90s).

4. Why do we feel the need to attack each other for everything?

5. This is the best article I’ve read on the subject.

6. Let’s stop pressuring our kids (and everyone else) to be competitive.

7. This guy had some gall. Hilarious. (unrelated- is the “gall” in the aforementioned expression related to the gallbladder? JFGI, Elena)

8. Hillary is everywoman.

9. I wonder if the other species out there are also looking for us or if, as we launch new telescopes into space, they’re like “Shit guys, hide! They’re looking this way!”

10. I remember reading the original “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” article and having the realization that these characters that exist only to serve the male lead’s enlightenment were not real people, that no woman was or should strive to be a one dimensional support character in a man’s life. I’ve been surprised by how oft-referenced the MPDG trope has become, but I’m not sure the idea should be apologized for.

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