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Lovely Internet 9.5.14

Lovely Internet 9.5.14


1. This 127 year old woman thanks chocolate for her long life. (Grammy, that’s great news! You’re on the right track!)

2. Queen Anne’s Lace, the Wild Mother of Carrot

3. Lady vikings!

4. I am tall, and the vast majority of my height is in my legs. So that means that a reclined seat in front of me on a flight causes me physical pain. Should I actually have to pay more because you want to recline two inches?

5. Did you know North Carolina is the only state to have an official toast?

6. I don’t usually spend a lot of time watching youtube, but I can’t stop watching Anna Akana videos.

7. We’re focusing on the wrong thing.


9. “Hugh is a really decent person in ways that can be really really irritating.”

10. So you want to be a food writer.

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  • Jill

    05.09.2014 at 05:04 Reply

    Lol the literally thing is ridiculous!
    Great links :)

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