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Best of 2014

It’s always funny to me to look back on the year and compare my expectations with the reality. In so many ways, both wonderful and terrible, this year was not what I expected. I’ve grown a lot, and I’m comfortable saying that I’ve come out on the other side a better person. And, looking back on what we cooked in 2014, it’s evident that despite whatever else was going on in our world we ate very well. So, without further ado, the Best of B&S: 2014 Edition!

stormy scuppernog 4

Best Cocktail

The Stormy Scuppernong

tarheel pie 2

Best Pie

Skillet Tar Heel Pie

fiddlehead ferns 2

Best Ways to Up Your Bloody Mary Game

Pickled Fiddlehead Ferns and Bone Broth Bloody Mary

smashed potatoes 3

Dan’s Favorite Recipe

Garlic Skillet Smashed Potatoes

sea salt 7

Best Food-Related Reason to Get Waist Deep in the Ocean

Ginger Sea Salt

mac and cheese 2

Best Comfort Food

Three Cheese Macaroni

blossoms 14

Most Wonderful Use of Pimento Cheese

Pimento Cheese Stuffed Squash Blossoms 

dolphin 10

Best Day at Sea

Blue Crab Stuffed Dolphin Fish

hull pie 4

Best Use of Muscadines

Muscadine Hull Pie

quail 8

Best Indignant Monologue Published by a Magazine

A big thanks to The Local Palate for giving me a platform to discuss what defines the “real South.”

beerbeque 8

Best Appliance Purchase 

Our smoker! Long live the beerbeque!

rum 2

Most Unexpected Use of Cayenne

Cayenne Cider Punch

bacon wrapped turkey 10

Most Amazing Trip

My visit to Southern Living!

sauerkraut & dumplins 2

Elena’s Favorite

Sauerkraut & Dumplings

pound cake 2

Best Family Recipe

Flossie’s Pound Cake

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