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Marshmallow Meringue Sweet Potato Pie

Marshmallow Meringue Sweet Potato Pie

Tonight I attended a potluck for D.C. foodbloggers at Union Row in D.C., hosted by an array of area food bloggers.  It was good times.  It was actually super different times because while Dan and I are both social people (theoretically) we’re not big on the D.C. scene, we mostly just stay cloistered in our tiny apartment eating pie.  So when we are confronted with 30-40 REAL. LIVE. HUMAN. ADULTS. we’re struck (or maybe I’m just speaking for me) with paralyzing social anxiety. Whatever, Dan is fine and I’m a dweeb.

As it is Dan and I are working on eating more seasonably and locally (see the new life list), but since some of the attendees have blogs completely dedicated to seasonal local produce and the likes, I figured my contribution better be seasonally appropriate.  Since we’re just coming off the high of the holiday and my new motto for losing the cookie weight is “fatties don’t deserve treats” I was stumped about what dessert to bring.  And then I said screw it, you’re a southern food blogger and tonight you’re representing your people.  And my people love butter.

So I opted for a sweet potato pie topped with a marshmallow meringue.  Go big or go home, right?  I chose this combination for a few reasons.  First of all, we had my (delightful) friend Julia over a few weeks ago and she was telling me that she uses this Bill Neal recipe for sweet potato pie where you whip the egg whites separately into a frenzy and then fold them in so that your pie has more fluff and height.  And I love fluff and height.  Secondly, we watched the White House Iron Chef special last weekend and the winning team did a meringue topped sweet potato tart that looked awesome.

I’m not usually one for marshmallow topped sweet potato pie but I polled Dan and the internet and the results came in overwhelmingly for the fluff.  Which leads me to my next point, which is that marshmallow fluff has to be the most disconcerting ingredient I’ve ever worked with.  It’s one of those 50’s-era things that I always envision being eaten in space.  Like Tang.  But when combined with egg whites and sugar it was just fluffy and lovely and browned in a very pretty way that made it both impossible to transport and delicious.

It did dawn on me that pie was maybe not the best dish to bring.  For one, regular size pies (as opposed to cup pies) are not finger foods.  I wasn’t aware that this was a fingerfood event beforehand, so the whole pie thing sounded like a great idea.  In reality I could have chosen a less messy dish.  I was just really tired of cookies.  Secondly, I put this in one of my favorite pie dishes, which meant that when Dan and I were ready to cloister ourselves at 9 I had to take half an uneaten pie home with us.  Great for us but this guy gave me the stink eye as we were leaving like I was being stingy with my food.  All in all, it was fun to meet some local food bloggers, get outside of our shell for once.  We even met someone that looked like Kara Thrace from BSG (geek alert)!

Marshmallow Meringue Sweet Potato Pie

For pie:

2 to 3 sweet potatoes

1 stick butter

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp cream of tartar

1 cup cream

1 tsp vanilla




Pie crust (recipe here or here)

For meringue:

4 egg whites

1 tsp cream of tartar

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 tbsp white sugar

1 7oz jar marshmallow fluff

Peel, cut, and boil the sweet potatoes so that they’re tender.  Drain and put them in a large mixing bowl.  Use a masher or fork to mash them completely, leaving no chunks.

Cube the butter and stir it into the hot potatoes.  Separate the eggs and add the yolks to the potatoes.  Set aside the whites.  Add the vanilla, spices (not cream of tartar), and brown sugar.  Stir in cream.

In a stand mixer or with a hand blender whip the egg whites and cream of tartar.  Whip until frothy.  Add white sugar, a tablespoon at a time, and whip until stiff.  Fold into potato mixture.

Spread pie crust into a dish and pour filling in.  Bake at 475 for 15 minutes and 350 for 1 hour.  Allow to cool.

When the pie is cool, start your meringue by whipping egg whites, cream of tartar, and vanilla.  When it’s frothy, add in sugar one tbsp at a time, until it is stiff.  Fold in the fluff.  Spread over pie.

Bake at 375 for 6 minutes, or until the peaks have browned and the meringue is firm.

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  • Jenna

    06.01.2010 at 19:30 Reply

    Damn it! I totally didn’t try this tonight and now I wish I had. It looks delicious (and looked even more delicious in person, I was just overwhelmed by the sweets).

    Great meeting you tonight, and I love your blog! You could possibly start another small business giving photography lessons to aspiring food bloggers :-)

  • elena

    06.01.2010 at 20:15 Reply

    Thanks! Well I’ll try and make more finger friendly contributions!

    That’s a great idea, the photo lessons, I’ll have to think about that!

  • MrsWheelbarrow

    07.01.2010 at 04:28 Reply

    I wanted some of that pie, but couldn’t be the first to take a piece. I really really regret that decision now. Great meeting you and Dan tonight. Love your blog. Love your photos!

  • Suzanne

    11.01.2010 at 09:08 Reply

    Dang, that looks good! (said with Southern accent). So glad you chose to represent your people. You served us well!

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  • Sara

    01.02.2010 at 12:13 Reply

    Hi Elena,

    This is Sara – Emily B’s sister. She told me about your blog when she was down here a few weeks ago. So cute – I love it. And I love “fatties don’t deserve treats” – haha! Good motivation :)

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello!

    • elena

      01.02.2010 at 12:35 Reply

      Hi Sara! Happy to hear from you!

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