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Lovely Internet 12.6.13

Lovely Internet 12.6.13

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1. I always say that well maintained cast iron can last you a lifetime, but this new line of cookware is so beautiful and well crafted your family will be fighting over it for generations.

2. This is so cool! I wonder if Dan can make me one with all the powertools he got for Christmas.

3. I’ve been thinking about updating my wreath, and I like the look of this one.

4. Do you love eggnog? I’m of two minds about it, but it might be better homemade. This method seems promising.

5. I’ve been thinking of making marshmallows to bring with us for Christmas, and these look amazing. Bonkers amazing.

6. As it was happening I thought the whole Elan vs Diane saga was a little absurd, crude, and far fetched; this article sums up why we should have reacted differently.

7. I think I need this dress for New Years. And then I need plans for New Years.

8. These are fantastic.

9. My brothers always give us a big batch of kimchi around the holidays, so it’s about time to start stockpiling ways to enjoy it.

10. How amazing does this hot chocolate look?

The Colombo Marsala recipe competition is still raging, so please go vote! My Fig & Sausage Biscuits could take us to Italy with your help, AND you get the chance to win $50 each day that you vote!

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